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New governance at Atap. After 14 years Mauro Vagaggini has not been confirmed to the presidency. In its place, the shareholders' meeting elected Narciso Gaspardo, formerly general manager of Mediocredito, with a large majority. The choice was made for the alternation also for the other posts of the board of directors: Pierluigi Ceciliot, Mario Sforza, Cristiana Rigo and Alessio Scian come out, the ex general director of the Atap, Vincenzo Milanese, the Pordenone lawyers Giulia Bevilacqua and Luigi Bonomo, and Giulia De Marco, former councilor of the Cordenons nursing home.

The 2016 budget, unanimously approved, was also brought to the attention of the shareholders. Last year is therefore in the archive with a profit of 4,941,294 euros. Passengers also did well, once again exceeding the 11 million mark (3.8 in the urban area and 7.3 in the extra-urban area), significantly up (plus 3.65%) compared to 2015. The shareholders also decided to distribute a dividend of 23 euros per share (plus 3 euros for those who use the services of the red line), despite the proposal of 6 euros per share formulated by the board of directors. Approximately 4.2 million will be distributed to the shareholders according to their respective shareholdings. The compensation of the new administrators is also established and will remain unchanged compared to the outgoing. Therefore, € 32,400 gross to the president and € 15,600 gross to the directors.

"I thank all the members of Atap – exclaimed the soon ex president, Mauro Vagaggini at the end of the assembly – regardless of the choices they made and the outcomes. Of one thing I am sure, namely that I have written an important page in the history of the company. Now all that remains is to read it. I wish good work to those who come after me. I leave a reality for which I have contributed significantly to producing around 80 million euros in profits, of which about 70 are distributed among dividends and reserves. Furthermore, I am honored to have strengthened the company that today has a patrimony of 70 million, guaranteeing employment and investments on buses and buildings. At 30 June 2017, the Atap reports a profit, before tax, of 6,300,000 euros ".

(Atap spa press office - 28 July 2017)

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