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Investment financed with a soft loan granted by Mediocredito Italiano, with funds from the European Investment Bank.

Atap continues in its constant path of renewal of its fleet, in the name of comfort, safety and new technologies. In fact, the Pordenone public transport company has decided to purchase 16 new buses by the end of the year, which will replace the older vehicles in the extra-urban sector, decreasing the average age of the fleet, which was already around 7.5 years, one of the best in Italy.

Specifically, the new arrivals will consist of 7 buses of 12 meters with a seating capacity of 53 seats, 6 double-decker buses of 14 meters with 90 seats each, and 3 mini-buses of approximately 8 meters and a capacity of about 22 passengers. All new buses will have a diesel-powered Euro 6 engine, meaning low environmental impact, they will be equipped with on-board cameras, a passenger counting system, a platform for disabled users and an innovative automatic braking system. These are the qualities that will further enhance the offer of the public transport company. Surveillance cameras will be installed and Atap will reach the coverage of about 40 percent of the entire extra-urban fleet (about 120 buses). The urban one (27 buses) is already fully equipped with on-board cameras.

For a more effective management of the investment, which could have a follow-up in 2019 with the purchase of another 4 new buses, the company management has chosen to finance it through a 5-year loan, granted by Mediocredito Italiano, an institute of the Intesa Sanpaolo group , with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Savings Bank advisor, after expressing their interest on Atap’s institutional website.

The loan amount, fully covered with funds from the European Investment Bank (EIB), will be repaid at the pre-established deadlines with a particularly favourable interest rate for the applicant company.

(Atap spa press office - 26 April 2018)

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