Vademecum del viaggiatore

If you cooperate, the service also improves thanks to you.

  • Find out about timetables and fares by contacting the company or by consulting the website or the corporate app "atapp";
  • Buy the ticket before boarding (only in the urban service, the 1-hour timetable ticket can be purchased from the ticket vending machine on board or via SMS) and validate it in the appropriate ticket validation machine just went up; if there are problems, notify the driver immediately;
  • Report stop request by show of hands;
  • At the request of the staff, always present the travel document in your possession and a valid identity document;
  • Before going down, activate the stop request sound and / or light signal in time;
  • When you feel it is appropriate, report the anomalies and provide any suggestions.

... because only through collaboration, will we be able to offer you a better service that better meets your needs!

Rights and duties

With the purchase of the travel document, a "travel contract" is established between the Company and the user, characterized by reciprocal conditions of rights and duties.


  • safety and tranquillity of the journey
  • continuity and certainty of the journey also through a rational integration between different means of transport
  • compliance with departure and arrival times, consistent with traffic conditions
  • hygiene and cleanliness of vehicles and infrastructures
  • recognisability of personnel and tasks performed
  • simple accessibility to complaints procedures and rapid response to them


  • do not use the means of transport without the regularly stamped ticket or pass
  • do not commit more than one seat
  • do not soil or damage transportation and infrastructure
  • do not carry harmful or dangerous objects and comply with the rules on the transport of things and animals
  • comply with the instructions and instructions of the service and safety personnel

Have you been challenged and ascertained a report for irregularity in the possession of the ticket?

You can find everything in the special section "Administrative sanctions procedure".

The traveler must present the travel document accompanied by a valid identity document at the request of the company inspection staff.

Tickets must be stamped in the ticket validator as soon as you get on the bus; any failure to operate the machine must be promptly reported to the driver.

The user without the ticket (or in possession of a non-validated ticket) or with an invalid travel document, is required to pay the administrative penalty, in addition to the payment of the ordinary ticket and the costs of the proceedings.

The sanction is applied in all cases in which the user:

  • does not exhibit any travel document (or ticket or subscription);
  • exhibit a ticket / subscription of a lower rate than that specified for that specific section;
  • exhibit a personal subscription incorrectly filled out, or without an identification card or with an expired identification card;
  • does not comply with the rules contained in the Car Regulations;
  • show a counterfeit or altered ticket / subscription; in this case we remind you that the issue or use of counterfeit or altered travel documents is punishable by law (penal code) and that all
  • false titles will be immediately withdrawn.

Pursuant to art. 35 L.R. 23/07, the user with a registered subscription who is not able to show it to the assessing agent and who presents the travel document regularly purchased prior to the verification within the next five days to the offices of the Company, is required to pay a penalty of € 5.00.

Terms of payment

Pursuant to Article 7 of the L.R. 01/84 and of the art. 35 of the L.R. 23/07 the above sanctions can be paid in a reduced amount:

  • immediately to the assessing agent who will issue the payment receipt;
  • within 60 days from the date of the report, if delivered directly to the adult offender, at the ticket office in Piazzale Caduti di Nassiriya and all the Peace Missions, n. 1 - ground floor - c / o
  • Railway Station in Pordenone, from Monday to Saturday from 6.45 am to 7.15 pm continuous time. Payment can also be made by means of the postal current account issued upon verification;
  • within 60 days from the date of notification, on the company postal account no. 11258597 in the name of ATAP S.p.A. or directly at the sanctions office.
  • at the company ticket office in Spilimbergo - via Ponte Roitero, 2, with the possible letter received (notification or reply to written defence presented).

The obligator must pay, in addition to the sanction amount and the ordinary fare ticket, also the costs of the proceedings, as indicated in the minutes.


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