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Anti-corruption documents

ATAP SpA has accepted the present indications of the National Anti-corruption Plan (hereinafter PNA) to have its own Corruption Prevention Plan (PPC): the PNA, for this fulfillment, addresses companies so that they introduce and implement adequate organizational and management measures through the adoption of its own Corruption Prevention Plan, which can be integrated with the Organizational and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001, if already existing in the company (ATAP provides an extract, available on the homepage of the "Transparent Administration" section) .ATAP, in line with the above, has therefore prepared a "Corruption Prevention Plan" consisting of: · a General Party; · By a special part called "Risk Analysis" in which, in addition to the crimes already contemplated in the risk analysis prepared for the preparation of the Organizational and Management Model, the other crimes introduced by Law 190/2012 are also examined. This document includes an activity program, indicating: a) the areas of risk and specific risks b) the measures to be implemented for prevention in relation to the level of danger of specific risks c) those responsible for the application of each measure and its timing · from the special part of the Organizational and Management Model (MOG), called "Annex 1" within the PPC. The special parts have been deliberately kept separate to allow for an easier and immediate revision of each in adjustment to the ever-changing legislation.


Anti-corruption compliance

The Head of Corruption and Transparency Prevention (RPCT) is Dr. Pierantonio Stella (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The appointment is to be considered in force, the correct resolution of the Board of Directors of 11/07/2016, starting from 01.03.2017 and subsequently communicated to the ANAC (ex AVCP).
According to the art. 1, paragraph 14, of Law no. 190/2012 and the ANAC Resolution of 11/25/2014, the Head of Corruption Prevention and Transparency prepares the "Annual Report of the Head of Corruption Prevention and Transparency".

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